Saturday, November 10, 2012

Belgium Newscast with Missionaries

The following is a link to the news report that talks about our church.  He and his companion and the district leader (?) are in it.  It's in French so if you speak French you might understand what is being said.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween in Belgium - Week 2


It was great to get all of your emails this week.  I have a little bit more time now that i'm out of the MTC to do emails.  Elder Bequette is chill so we generally take an hour and a half or 2 hours to do email :) But things are going really well here... I'll just start to tell you what is going on. 

So we currently have about 6 progressing investigators and we are finding new ones everyday.  There is a man named Boris who is having troubles getting legality here in Belgium so he is having to go back and forth between Brussels and Liège.  He is super nice and he has been taught by the missionaries before us and we are still teaching him. But he is ready to be baptized, and he really wants to be baptized.  So he told us this week that he is going to have all the legality figured out on the 16 of Nov.  So he said he wants to be baptized the week after that. So we have 1 baptism coming up soon. :)  We have another guy we just taught the first lesson to this week, he was a referral from the other Liege companionship, and he is super interested and looks promising.  His name is Patrick and he is from Africa I think.  We also went knocking doors the other night and we had some pretty good success (of course got a lot of people not interested).  We actually have a couple Rendez-vous set up for this week with a family and a few other people.  So hopefully this family still wants to talk to us by the end of this week.  The mission goal is to baptize a family before Christmas.  So things are going well here. Hopefully going to see a couple of baptisms in my first transfers. 

Funny story (well I have a ton I could tell you), but we were porting last night and I told the guy that we were missionaries for the church.... yada yada.. and he was like, "Is this a joke?" haha and my comp just started laughing cause I didn't realize that I had spoken part English and part French. So the guy thought that we were crazy Americans and just told us to go away. LOL :) 

We have family home evening on Monday nights, and that is when we carved pumpkins.  This lady made us pumpkin soup and it was so good. I had like 4 bowls and it was awesome.  She is cooking again tonight... crossing my fingers for no fruit ;) But yeah its family home evening with all the single people in the branch.  So like pretty much all the old people.  None of the young people come. But its all good.  

Our apartment is on the 10th floor so we have a really good view of parts of the city.  I took some photos from the apartment and posted them to FB.  I am in process of uploading photos since I finally guessed the password to the Churchs wifi.  But I am going to be uploading a lot more tonight when we go there.  But yeah, Liège is supposedly known for its bridges. So that blue glowing thing in the photo is the bridge.  All of the main bridges that cross the large river light up at nightime and its pretty sweet.  There are a lot better pictures on the internet. But we are going shopping today after we do email and stuff.  Im holding off until soldes to buy anything expensive.  But i'm just looking for stuff to buy when soldes happen (Suits ;) ).

Its pretty cold here but I have my softshell that I put over my suitcoat and I do pretty well. It was like -4 degrees C the other night and it wasn't bad. The branch presidents wife gave me a scarf to wear, but im buying some today to use so im giving it back to her sometime.  But yeah, it rains a lot here and it just sucks... its kinda dark and dreary all the time, but we make our own fun.  Haha we love to speak english with a French accent.  We do it at every bus stop :)  

But yeah, things are going well here, sounds like everything is going well at home too.  Look for some more photos later on and what not. I wish I could explain all the photos and what its about, but i guess thats what stories are for ;)  Oh the massive space ship looking thing, that is the train station.  Its giant! Just if you were confused. 

Sorry if I forgot something, its hard to type really fast on the french keyboard, but i'm getting better.  Oh and a little surprise... for Christmas, we usually do a pretty long call home... none of that 40 min deal.  Elder Bequette likes to use up about 2 hours or so for phone calls home and so does the other Liège companionship.  So I should be able to skype for a few hours on Christmas :)