Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Residence Hall-BC Temple Dedication


So been a crazy week.... We were told on Sunday that we would be moving to a different residence hall on Thursday and then the ZL's came into our rooms today and said you have to be out of here by lights out tonight.... So we have like an hour to get packed and in the other residence hall before lights out tonight. What a mess and poor organization. Not impressed with our Branch Presidency. Anyways, other than that its been ok I guess.  Just a lot of stress with teaching 3 "investigators" and learning the language. I've really started to dig into the grammar and am learning all the tenses so that I dont have to talk in the present or past all the time.  But the language is coming, hopefully it will be easier as time goes on.

Last week was hard sitting in class knowing that Homecoming was going on. I could look at my watch and know exactly what was going on at home and it was awful.  But then our teacher Brother Smith (the one who just got back from France) made the weekend super fun and we talked a lot about things to do in France and he wore his French suit to class and told me where to pick one up.  Wow, those suits look awesome. Just gonna tell you now... I'm gonna pick up a couple when I get there :) Gonna start showing some real class.   

We had our whole district switched around this week, as part of the halfway mark.  Elder Ellis got put in as the new district leader (he is the one that loves apple, actually worked for apple before he came here) and I was happy about that.  He is this super fun person to be around and always liked to talk about Apple stuff and what not... sorta a friend.

Anyways, I've started to pull the "Jake" attitude out... I just laugh at a lot of things and try to be happy.  Me and my comp are doing pretty good at it. Us and another companionship (Elder Olsen & Elder Grant) are always together and laughing.

As for the camera... I'm not exactly positive what you meant by sending to multiple people all the time and not posting to FB??? I can send up to like 6 photos through email to 5 people.  But I can post as many photos at one time to FB as I want (much more convenient). I can also upload to my SkyDrive through Hotmail, so it saves a copy there as well.  I will probably backup all my photos through there as well.  

Uhm yeah, so for questions asked this week.... The kid standing with us in the map photo is Elder Brett Salisbury. He went to Logan High and he is going to the Tempe, Arizona misson.  The tall, dark kid standing with me in the hallway is Elder Brad Bennett.  He left for the Lyon, France mission about 3 weeks ago. He was in my French class for all 4 years and he was in my Zone. Crazy right?  My comp (Elder Randy Wright) is the one with the glasses on that I stood next to at the temple. He is going to Montreal, so he didn't come with us to San Fran. The other person I am standing next to at the temple is Elder Remmington Schultz.  Schultz is the one that golfed for BYU Hawaii and he is going to Paris as well.   

It sounds like Homecoming week was a success! We won the football game and, of course, Shanna's routine was the best.  I knew it would be!  And it sounds like she had a ton of fun on her day date, I wish I could go bungee jumping! Lucky! But the stepping in thorns doesn't sound so fun. Be careful! I wish I could have been there though! It was so much fun to go back to homecoming last year and I really wanted to be there this year. :( Oh well... I guess I'll have to wait a while.  

Oh and yes, we did get to watch the Brigham City Temple dedication. We went to the 3 PM time slot and it was pretty cool.. It was hard to see the places that we all walked together, brought back some homesickness, but its aight. I'm getting excited to get to France. I love hearing the stories from Bro. Smith. He is probably one of the coolest guys ever. Every time he tells a story it just makes me want to go to France. BTW, we are officially counting down with the word 3 weeks now. 3 weeks and 6 days exactly, which is crazy.... i'm gonna suck with the language for a little bit.

I went to the Travel Office today to ask about my International Driver's License... They said that France or Belgium doesn't require a IDL... just need your Utah drivers license.  If this isn't right, I can go talk to them again, or I can send you photos with signatures on the back. But thats just what they said... Oh and did you want me to give them a copy of my FBI clearance? Or did you already send that in? The sticky note on the copy said to give them a copy... and I was a little confused. 

If I left anything out, send me a quick reminder and I will look at it tomorrow.  

Love, Jason 

P.S. - Tell Alyssa Happy 16th Birthday! I wish I could be there to eat cake with you (make sure Shanna doesn't put a cup of salt in again). Hehe JK! :) You make the best cakes! 

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